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Urgent Foster Homes Needed
our main caretaker is recovering from heart surgery, please help if you can

O-cha - Adopted May 19, 2015

O-cha is a gray tabby with more white patches. He, too, is very affectionate. Both boys are very playful and get along with other cats.    DOB approx. 7.1.2014

Sencha - in foster home

​​Gray tabby with white,​ Sencha is a love-bug... very affectionate and seeks cuddling all the time.

DOB approx. 7.1.2014

Cheektowaga Brothers

​Delightul duo was rescued from a backyard along

with their part Siamese mom, Matcha.

Mille Feuille  Adopted 7.9.18

Papineau's little brother - identical features, black long-hair, only smaller in size.​ He is very shy, will need further socializing and a person willing to give him one on one attention.  For best health, long-hair cats require brushing.​

DOB approx. 6.1.2014

Papineau - in foster home

Black medium long-hair male, very affectionate, destined to be a formidable lap cat - Papineau's tail is show quality, a striking display. For best health, long-hair cats do require brushing.

DOB approx. 6.1.2014

Misty Ivy - in foster home

Misty Ivy is a dilute calico female. She is very affectionate, seeks cuddling but has some degree of shyness. 

DOB approx. 7.1.2014

The Planter Box Kits Kookaburra and Misty Ivy were

making a flower planter box their home while attended to

by three mom cats in West Seneca.

Kookaburra "Kooka"  - in foster home

​Handsome orange tabby male ​is shy but coming around, enjoys a good neck or back rub. 

DOB approx. 7.1.2014

Harrison   Adopted 7.19.18

Very affectionate, playful and talkative, Harrison is a handsome, very sleek black short hair male.

DOB approx. 5.1.2014

Calista  Adopted 11.1.16

Delightful and affectionate, black beauty has lots of playfulness. Calista still has a need for some socializing. She would excel easily with individual attention.

DOB approx. 5.1.2014

All our best to Calista and her new family Kara, Coraline & Jason.

Fibber McGee  Adopted 7.19.18

Fibber McGee was rescued from a woods near a high traffic area in Lancaster along with his mom, Molly, sister Calista and brother Harrison.

Fibber is affectionate with some shyness - gets along well with other cats.  DOB approx. 5.1.2014

All felines have been spayed/neutered and have their rabies and distemper vaccinations. 

Adoption fee $50.00.  For kittens, visit HEART Adoption Center in Transitown Plaza, Williamsville.

Please use contact form on Home Page for more information.

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