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Urgent Foster Homes Needed
our main caretaker is recovering from heart surgery, please help if you can

O-cha - Adopted May 19, 2015

O-cha is a gray tabby with more white patches. He, too, is very affectionate. Both boys are very playful and get along with other cats.    DOB approx. 7.1.2014

Mille Feuille  Adopted 7.9.18

Papineau's little brother - identical features, black long-hair, only smaller in size.​ He is very shy, will need further socializing and a person willing to give him one on one attention.  For best health, long-hair cats require brushing.​

DOB approx. 6.1.2014

Papineau - in foster home

Black medium long-hair male, very affectionate, destined to be a formidable lap cat - Papineau's tail is show quality, a striking display. For best health, long-hair cats do require brushing.

DOB approx. 6.1.2014

Misty Ivy - in foster home

Misty Ivy is a dilute calico female. She is very affectionate, seeks cuddling but has some degree of shyness. 

DOB approx. 7.1.2014

The Planter Box Kits Kookaburra and Misty Ivy were

making a flower planter box their home while attended to

by three mom cats in West Seneca.

Kookaburra "Kooka"  - in foster home

​Handsome orange tabby male ​is shy but coming around, enjoys a good neck or back rub. 

DOB approx. 7.1.2014

Harrison   Adopted 7.19.18

Very affectionate, playful and talkative, Harrison is a handsome, very sleek black short hair male.

DOB approx. 5.1.2014

Calista  Adopted 11.1.16

Delightful and affectionate, black beauty has lots of playfulness. Calista still has a need for some socializing. She would excel easily with individual attention.

DOB approx. 5.1.2014

All our best to Calista and her new family Kara, Coraline & Jason.

Fibber McGee  Adopted 7.19.18

Fibber McGee was rescued from a woods near a high traffic area in Lancaster along with his mom, Molly, sister Calista and brother Harrison.

Fibber is affectionate with some shyness - gets along well with other cats.  DOB approx. 5.1.2014

All felines have been spayed/neutered and have their rabies and distemper vaccinations. 

Adoption fee $50.00.  For kittens, visit HEART Adoption Center in Transitown Plaza, Williamsville.

Please use contact form on Home Page for more information.

3-4 Year Olds

Sencha - in foster home

​​Gray tabby with white,​ Sencha is a love-bug... very affectionate and seeks cuddling all the time.

DOB approx. 7.1.2014

Cheektowaga Brothers

​Delightul duo was rescued from a backyard along

with their part Siamese mom, Matcha.


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